Leadership Positions

Leadership Positions

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  • Set agenda and run monthly board meetings
  • Oversee all SFIMA programs and joint-chapter programs
  • Manage annual reporting to national IMA office in March and April
  • Authorize expenditures and sign SFIMA checks
  • Work with treasurer to ensure chapter finances are in order, tax filings are made, and financial forms are provided to national IMA office
  • Review financial reports and bank statements
  • Set annual goals for chapter
  • Verify chapter's points total for inter-chapter competition

Vice President

  • Act as main liaison between national IMA office and SFIMA
  • Submit chapter activities to the national IMA office for inclusion in newsletter
  • Report member-earned CPE credits to national IMA office through the chapter portal
  • Coordinate with president to prepare board agenda
  • Lead board meetings if president is absent
  • Act as 2nd authorized signer for checks


  • Maintain bank account and accounting records
  • Advise on chapter finances
  • File federal tax return in November
  • Submit financial forms to the national IMA office in November
  • Generate checks

Director of Information Systems

  • Direct SFIMA's shift towards using technology for its marketing and administrative purposes
  • Manage all of SFIMA's Online accounts and activites

Director of Educational Programs

  • Research how former SFIMA CMA study group worked
  • Secure location for study sessions
  • Organize members to participate
  • Research CMA study materials
  • Create plan for study group sessions
  • Recruit instructors
  • Manage expenses and revenues with treasure

Director of Membership

  • Welcome new SFIMA members via email
  • Manage member email list
  • Introduce new members to our website and other chapter resources
  • Notify members when their registration is about to expire
  • Help members update contact information on www.imanet.org

Director of Technical Events

  • Plan and Manage 2 to 4 seminars each year pertaining to accounting or the accounting career path
  • Find speakers and come up with new ideas for meeting subject matter
  • Coordinate locations, and refreshments for meetings
  • Work with ASWA or other organizations when co-host meetings
  • Broadcast information about upcoming technical meetings through sfima.org website, and emails
  • Attend meetings and collect roster of SFIMA attendees
  • Log member-earned CPE credits on chapter portal

Regional Council Delegate

  • Gather material and create quarterly reports for Golden West Council
  • Attend quarterly Golden West Council conference calls

Open Board Positions

Director of Communication

  • Manage communications and public relations strategy
  • Administer the SFIMA LinkedIn Group, including:
    • Monitor requests for group membership
    • Access membership roster on chapter portal
    • Encourage group discussions
    • Post job openings

Director of Outreach

  • Manage relationships with corporate sponsors
  • Manage relationship with sister accounting and finance groups
  • Relay employment opportunities to members through LinkedIn group

Director of Student Activities

  • Reach out to accounting clubs/groups at local universities and other learning institutions
  • Coordinate events / speaking engagements with those groups
  • Assist with establishment IMA student chapters

Director of Excel Programs

  • Organize ExcelInAccounting training sessions on Saturday mornings
  • Recruit and manage instructors
  • Plan session content
  • Secure locations for sessions
  • Maintain up-to-date information about sessions on the www.excelinaccounting.com website
  • Manage expenses and revenue with treasurer
  • Manage bank account dedicated to ExcelInAccounting program
  • Organize Excel certification program

Director of Networking Activities

  • Secure locations in downtown San Francisco for networking events
  • Manage expenses and revenues for events with treasurer
  • Notify members through LinkedIn group notices, sfima.org website, and emails
  • Maintain records of attendance at events
  • Organize any special activities at networking events
  • Represent the board at networking events
  • Save organizational details and procedures in electronic archive

Chapter Newsletter Coordinator

  • Gather or create articles and graphics
  • Manage newsletter sponsors and advertisers
  • Layout
  • Edit
  • Distribute to members through the chapter portal's email blast tool


  • Take board meeting minutes
  • Maintain records of board meeting attendance
  • Save minutes in electronic archive
  • Manage files and directories in electronic archive
  • Gather SFIMA electronic materials for electronic archive
  • Record SFIMA operating procedures
  • Maintain descriptions of SFIMA board roles and responsibilities


  • Update and maintain www.sfima.org website
  • Manage website hosting, DNS registration, and DNS hosting
  • Coordinate with other board members so that website services their functional areas
  • Help administer SFIMA's other online accounts and activities